Shop open at the same times as nursery.






Mail order

Please note that we no longer offer a plant mail order service.

We post out Dove Cottage Gift Vouchers. Please ring tel 01422 203553 to order or arrange to collect out of open hours.

Floreo Gardening Gloves

Floreo gloves for hardworking hands.These excellent gardening gloves are washable and they last and last!


Make your own tea and coffee. Indoor and outdoor seating.

We also have customer toilet facilities.


Gardening and Gift Shop

The shop is home to a selection of personally chosen new and vintage items

Other general gardening items

We stock the composts and fine bark used in our nursery mixes.

Labels and fade resistant pens we use everyday.

Gifts for Gardeners

A selection of cards with Marianne's beautiful images of the Garden. Vintage clay pots. Lots of small ones as we are having a clear out!

Lovely vintage jugs and vases suitable for home cut garden flowers and little posies.


Sneeboer Tools

Sneeboer are our choice of tools when working in the nursery stock beds and our garden. Traditionally hand forged from stainless steel in the Netherlands.We stock a large range of long handled and hand tools.Tools can also be purchased out of normal opening times by appointment. Please ring 01422203553 or email


hardy herbaceous perennial plants

Dove Cottage Nursery & Garden

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