Nursery sales area this way


Please note we no longer offer a plant mail order service.

Gift Vouchers for 10 or 20 can be purchased from the shop or please ring 01422 203553 to order and arrange collection outside open times. Leave a message if no reply.

Floreo Gardening Gloves

Floreo gloves for hardworking hands.These excellent gardening gloves are washable and they last and last!



At the entrance to Dove Cottage Nursery is our sales shed where you will usually receive a welcoming smile from Kim and a bark Dexter. We offer plant advice if not too busy.

Charity stand and table

We have a Charity stand with gardening books and jars of fresh flowers. This year our chosen charity is Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Thank you for your support. We raised 180 in 2023.

I need glass jars for the flowers please. All sizes welcome thank you. Kim


Sneeboer Tools

We are no longer a Sneeboer stockist. If you have a problem with a tool please contact Sneeboer directly.


Growong hardy plants and grasses well for you

Dove Cottage Nursery

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