The Garden is now closed.

Gone very wild.

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Information About Our Garden

  • 2024 Opening Time. The garden is not open this year.
  • Photographs may not be taken for commercial use.
  • Several comfortable benches.
  • Limited wheelchair access.
  • Inspirational 'naturalistic' grass and perennial plantings.
  • The garden was filmed in 2016 for Gardener's World..
  • To View more pictures of our garden please visit

Garden now closed

There are very few gardens like ours which open to the public. It is very unusual to have a 1/3 acre north facing hillside garden planted with herbaceous perennials and grasses many from north American Prairies. Yet we like to think that the garden sits well in the surrounding landscape. It is an oasis for insects and birds especially in late summer and autumn.

The garden is entered from the sales area through a green oak gate and is enclosed by Yorkshire stone walls and various hedges. The Yew hedges were originally planted to provide shelter from easterly and westerly winds, they indeed do this but now mature provide shelter and nesting sites for birds and seperate the garden from the nursery.

Our planting could be called 'naturalistic' and we are inspired by several aspects of the natural world : our plants and grasses, sunlight, wind, wild plant communities and the life cycle of plants and grasses. Visiting places and gardens which grow the plants and grasses we like is often a catalyst for change!

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